ENCORE Youth Scholarships


What we do

CTTheater Dance Company organizes fundraisers, community events, performances and silent auctions to raise funds to provide ENCORE Youth scholarships to children.

Upoming events

CTDco is preparing to perform in Westport, Thursday, March 29 at 6:30pm to raise awareness for Autism.

Real testimonials

"My daughter was left as a baby by her biological mother, and I have done my best to raise her but I only have my social security checks.  CTDco has provided a full scholarship for my sweet girl - it is the only activity she does and the only thing that makes her happy!  She was born with severe health problems and dancing has helped to strengthen her muscles ability to walk.  The best part? she has made friends and smiles!  and she is more confident and proud of herself." - Ms. L, Norwalk

Share the good news

If you or someone you know, needs help - please tell them about our ENCORE Youth scholarships!


What are your requirements to apply? a simple one page form 

What age are the scholarships for?  typically 6 - 18 years old

What is the time commitment? dance:  2-5 days per week, after school/weekends. manners: 2-6 sessions

Who is eligible? any child with a love of dance, ability to commit to a fine art and endless passion.

Where? classes are in Westport, CT

What do I have to pay? there is a $10 fee to apply for a personal meeting and dancer evaluation. Tuition assistance varies based on ability to contribute, dancer's talent and family dedication to the program.  Costumes, fees, uniforms are no included.